Wright Financial Inc. is a mortgage company in Festus Missouri. The main duty of the business is to assist customers in finding the best option for a home loan. The business has been open since 1995. Upon starting the company, Susan Wright was experienced in several forms of sales, but insurance was the most successful. On the other hand, Rex Wright worked in construction for several years prior to starting Wright Financial. By having such skills, this has tremendously helped the two of them gain the success they have today.

Over the course of their journey, the founders, Susan and Rex Wright, have implemented additional business entities. For example, we now have a travel agency available within the company. Further, WFI offers homeowners and life insurance for their customers. The owners have also obtained several houses, and transformed in to a real estate company as well. As of currently, Rex and Susan own a total of eight houses in which they have renovated and flipped. Some houses are on the brink of selling, while others are under lease option contracts.

Wright Financial has strong relationships with several neighboring businesses. Flag Star Bank and 45 additional banks as well as many title companies such as Integrity Title which all work together to make the customers happy throughout the entire mortgage loan process.

The mission statement for Wright Financial remains the same, and is used on a regular basis. Wright Financial does what it takes to provide first class customer service with honesty, integrity, promptness and an, “it’s my pleasure” attitude to every client they serve. Wright Financial strives to maintain a balanced lifestyle by giving back to the community. Anything less than excellence is unacceptable.

Wright Financial has over 53 years of combined experience consisting of employees licensed in Mortgage Loan Originating, Real Estate and Mortgage Loan Processing. They have grown drastically in the past four or five years, and they want to continue growing through different forms of real estate, mortgage, and investing by branching out in to multiple locations.

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